27 Apr 2013


Enzo Mari is a designer and as such he designs many different types of things objects, furniture and books. The design of Il Gioco delle Favole from Edizione Corraini (or The Fable Game) is worth a place in this blog as it is a means of telling many, many stories.

It is a storybook in that it has illustrations, but it has no words and it hasn't got the layout of a book with a cover or pages. Six plates with two slots each, 45 animals and other elements such as the moon, plants or rocks, can be built and deconstructed as the story comes out of your imagination.

31 Dec 2012

PIO PIO by Wakiko Sato and Eigoro Futamata

Wakiko Sato together with Eigoro Futamata created this gorgeous little book about a little chicken and the title is Pio Pio. The Spanish edition is a lovely book by Editorial Corimbo.

The illustrations are delicate, full of details and with a subtle sense of humour. 

But the best thing is that your eyes go from side to side of the two pages, they cover both pages completely making you feel part of the story because there are no boundaries or limits or margins to the illustration.

This little chicken lives happily with his mother and father. But one day he decides to go for a walk:
He meets other creatures and they exchange their languages (isn't that what friendship is all about?). He meets a mouse, a piglet, a frog, a dog, a cat and a tortoise. Thanks to what he gets from the dog he is saved in a moment of danger.

The language is easy with repetitive structures very adequate for children and the last line is a very fun, at least in the Spanish translation by Julia Vinent which is brilliant because it feels like a Spanish book!

A lovely book worth while having and giving.

1 Nov 2012

THE GIRL WHO HATED BOOKS by Majusha Pawagi Illustrated by Leanne Franson

We book lovers just asume our likes to be shared by everybody. How can we? Everyone has their own way to the same pleasures...

Manjusha Pawagi wrote the story and Leanne Franson illustrated it.

19 Oct 2012


Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge is the story of a little boy with a long name who lives next door to an old people's home. He is a good boy with a golden heart. He is so kind as to find the things that will help his neighbours and himself.

This is a beautiful story written by someone special, so special as Mem Fox.
The story blends perfectly with the kind and kinaesthetic illustrations of Julie Vivas.

This book comes to prove again that no topics are not suitable for children: it depends on how they are dealt with. 

13 Oct 2012

FLICTS by Ziraldo

Ziraldo is a Brazilian storywriter and educator very well loved in his country for all his books and his work with children and education.

Over 40 years ago he wrote Flicts a story of a colour that is not red, yellow or blue, but only flicts. It is the story of someone who is not admitted but exists and cannot be denied.

English edition
Spanish edition

40th anniversary edition

Which is your favourite cover? I fell in love with the Spanish edition. The editorial group made a good job with this book. Click here to know more about the Spanish edition. You will have to go to Libros and then choose Flicts in the next section.

12 Oct 2012


Kalandraka is the name of the Spanish (Galician) publishing company that received a prize for its editind/publishing quality. A well deserved prize. Their list of books is amazing!



6 Oct 2012


Laurent de Brunhoff continues the work his parents started with the Histoire de Babar in 1931. Jean de Brunhoff gave an image to Babar (an elephant with strong human characteristics). The story was an immediate success in France and two years later it became a classic in the UK. Many years later it is still a joy to read. My mother bought in Paris the animated album for her grandchildren in 2007.

Laurent de Brunhoff gave and gives Babar a long continuity with many titles which make children and adults alike enjoy art and many other disciplines. The video below is very interesting.