31 Mar 2011


Spot is much more than a puppy. It is a character on its own with a whole collection of storybooks created by Eric Hill.
Spot is a happy puppy that grows in his family and with his friends.
My favourite book is Where's Spot?

Children love this story and they learn vocabulary on animals, objects in the house and prepositions.
Try these prints to work on the story.

26 Mar 2011


A letter in a story or a story in a letter. Even though letters are out of date nowadays, we still have to learn  ask for things and know what to ask for and how to ask for it. Not everything is adequate for everyone. We must learn to choose what is good for us. This book may teach us that and many other things too. It teaches lots of vocabulary on animals and an adjectives to match them.
Rod Campbell wrote Dear Zoo 1982, since then it has become a must in nurseries and kindergartens.

It has clear illustrations and the flaps are perfect to hide animals.

You should try to learn the book by heart. It is easy if you work on these activities with the book.

23 Mar 2011


Meg and Mog by Helen Nicoll and Jan Pienkowski is a funny story children love. The story is perfect for Halloween as it introduces all the vocabulary related to witches and spells. The illustrations are easy to recognise and follow. 


Enjoy the story again and again, please.

20 Mar 2011


Why do we need art? It is difficult to answer this question to children if you haven't read this lovely storybook by Leo Lionni. People and animals normally store goods for the moments to come, for future needs; they can store good moments too. But only some people can store good moments and share them with their peers in moments of need.
Frederick is a must in all languages.


Try these activities to work on the physical aspects of the story while thinking and letting sink in the deep knowledge.

18 Mar 2011


I like this story, I think it is the best bilingual story
because it is real life: it's what you see when children
from different countries meet. We are mirrors of each other and in this story a tiger and a bear have much more in common than they can imagine.
TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE by Gabriela Rubio
in Ediciones Ekaré.

16 Mar 2011


Another favourite story is We're Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen (former Children's Laureate)
with illustrations by Helen Oxenbury.


The translation into Spanish is also an excellent reading because it is musical, rythmical and very funny too.

Enjoy Michael Rosen telling the story, he's my idol. I want to tell stories just like him!

15 Mar 2011


There is a lovely story by Eric Carle titled
The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

I would like you to read it and enjoy it
as much as I still do ever since I first read it.

Enjoy Eric Carle's voice:

And, please, try to work the crafts for this story so that you can learn it by heart or try these pages so that the children can colour in the drawings and become involved further still with this wonderful story.