29 Apr 2011

The Rights of the Reader

If you can not see this poster properly you can download it. Look for it in the WalkerBooks website.


The Story of FERDINAND by Munro Leaf with drawings by Robert Lawson is a very old fashioned storybook. The black and white illustrations are excellent and  even hilarious. I really like the cork tree!
The story is a must for bull lovers.

Here are some activities you might enjoy after reading the book.

10 Apr 2011


David McKee is a great illustrator and storyteller. He is most well-known by the Elmer series about a patchwork elephant. However striking, funny and lovable Elmer is, for me David McKee was at his best with The Conquerors. It is a story about war and peace, about conquering with weapons or rather with words (stories, jokes and dialogue) and food and clothes. 

8 Apr 2011


This is a gorgeous story by Peggy Rathmann which can be read any time of the day, but is at its bed before it's time to say "Sweet dreams!" All the animals must go to sleep

There are not many words in this story, so do we really need so many words?

As always, I recommend working on the visuals to learn the story and tell it in a different way.

7 Apr 2011


I still remember the first time I read this book. It was at my favourite children's bookstore in Madrid, La Mar de Letras.

I didn't like it that much: the illustrations were fantastic but I didn't quite like the story.

Nevertheless, I bought the book.

When my youngest son saw it he was excited: his teacher had read it to him and he thought it was fantastic.

So then I thought I had to give it a chance.

 I've read it and read it quite often. I do love it! It's a great story.