31 Jul 2012

FROG AND TOAD by Arnold Lobel

FROG AND TOAD by Arnold Lobel appeared in the 1970s. It is a nice easy read,  a fresh, unsentimental story always with a happy end. The series of the books comprise: Frog and Toad Are Friends (1970), Frog and Toad Together (1972), Frog and Toad All Year (1976), and Days with Frog and Toad (1979). 
It is a very nice book because great care was taken that the illustrations and the story match in simple but clear visuals:

 These sites may prove useful for all the links they provide:
The Spanish translation is very good too: Sapo y Sepo son amigos, Días con Sapo y Sepo, Sapo y Sepo, un año entero, Sapo y Sepo inseparables.

28 Jul 2012

CAN WE PLAY? by Mara van Der Meer

Finding books for children in English in Spain is sometimes a little difficult if you don't want to pay a lot of money. That's why you have to browse all the book offers of the bookshops you know (in my case I'm a regular at La Mar de Letras, El Dragón Lector, Pasajes, Booksellers, Casa del Libro, Top Books or FNAC).
In 2004 I came across Can We Play? by Van Der Meer. I had never heard about the author but that wasn't new, I was learning a lot about contemporary and classic authors for children's literature.

How many evenings did my children enjoy the pictures and the pop-ups. For me it was also exciting.
I still think it is a very convenient book to revise the days of the week and to learn lots of vocabulary on family, games, activities and polite questions and nice answers.

At the Abrams website www.abramsbooks.com I read:
  • About the book
Day after day after day, a little girl asks her family to play with her. All week long, everybody's always too busy—but, oh, the amazing things they promise her they'll do together on Sunday! With exciting flaps and pop-ups on every page, plus a removable miniature book, Can We Play? is perfect for playtime or quiet time any day of the week.

  • About the author
Mara van der Meer studied illustration at Brighton University in the United Kingdom. She lives in London. Her father, Ron van der Meer, is one of the world's most distinguished creators of innovative movable books. He lives in London.
But you can also read about her in 

22 Jul 2012

GALOP by Rufus Seder

My mother brought this book from the States as a present for my children in 2007. We loved it because it moves forward and backwards. And later, when my eldest son had to do a presentation on cinema for school, he used this book together with a praxinoscope to illustrate his point on how we perceive movement.

Rufus Butler Seder is the creator of these images. He is the impersonation of visual intelligence as the one defined by Howard Gardner. If you don't believe me, just read his biography and watch this video.

You can even watch the scanimation at work:

19 Jul 2012


Kevin Henkes created this beautiful story about a kitten in a series of black and white illustrations. Everything about the book is poetic. The story is based on the magical comparison between the full moon and a dish of milk the kitten wishes. The drawings are the perfect visualisation of the story.There are many issues to work with the readers and listeners of this story.

I would like you to read it and enjoy it. Have a look at it. Browse inside the book at Harper Collins'

There are many lesson plans ready on the internet for you to use with your class and children. But first listen to the author:

13 Jul 2012


Why not Eric Carle again? I like the way he talks about Bill Martin in this video: