30 Sep 2012

THE PENCIL by Allan Ahlberg and Bruce Ingman

Another great story published by Walker Books: The Pencil.
Written by Allan Ahlberg and illustrated by Bruce Ingman, it tells the story of a "lonely little PENCIL" who began to draw...
and this pencil drew a boy who asked for more things, which in turn asked for more. But everything was black and white and so the pencil drew a PAINTBRUSH.
 The pencil and the paintbrush worked well together as a team until the drawings started complaining and the pencil had to draw a RUBBER.
I cannot tell you the rest of the story: there is trouble, complication, fun.
I think this book is a must for every child's library together with Harold and the Purple Crayon and Seven Blind Mice.

25 Sep 2012

I REALLY WANT TO EAT A CHILD by Sylviane Donnio and Dorothée de Monfreid

I Really Want To Eat A Child is the British translation of the French Je mangerais bien un infant. The American translation in turn is I'd Really Like To Eat A Child, the Spanish is ¡Me comería un niño!

In any case all translations are surely good because the story is funny as anything can be.

Achilles is a small crocodile who desperately wants to eat a child rather than all the food his parents lovingly prepare him. He is spoilt and wants to have his own way. But he meets a little girl and...
I'm sure you will enjoy this storybook.

The writer is Sylviane Donnio and the illustrator is Dorothée de Monfreid.

18 Sep 2012


Crockett Johnson created Harold a toddler with a great sense of adventure and command in drawing. He can travel anywhere he pleases and manages to escape any difficulty his drawings may happen to bring. The first book to appear in 1955 was Harold and the purple Crayon
The success of this book was so great that it was immediately followed by Harold's Fairy Tale (1956), Harold's Trip to the Sky (1959), Harold at the North Pole (1958), Harold's Circus (1959), A Picture for Harold's Room (1960) and Harold's ABC (1963).

The neatness of these drawings is what attracts me most to this book. I love the way Mr Johnson managed to create many different worlds with lines, hardly any other colour other than purple.

I strongly recommend a visit to the following website:

12 Sep 2012

IT'S A BOOK by Lane Smith

This storybook is a description of what a book is without saying what it is. It is humorous with a twist to irony. The author and illustrator is Lane Smith. He is a Caldecott Award winner for another book I will eventually post about. It is time to watch a good but abridged video of the story:

This book is good for all ages and it can well be used for teaching purposes. Walker Books Australia have this pdf notes which may be useful.

5 Sep 2012

MIFFY by Dick Bruna

Miffy is a female white Dutch rabbit. She was created by Dick Bruna in 1955 so she is 57 years old! She has changed very little over the years, although you may notice the different face and ear shape.
Check the website for all her books and products and if you have time I do recommend audio slideshow in The Guardian in the old master series: