18 Sep 2012


Crockett Johnson created Harold a toddler with a great sense of adventure and command in drawing. He can travel anywhere he pleases and manages to escape any difficulty his drawings may happen to bring. The first book to appear in 1955 was Harold and the purple Crayon
The success of this book was so great that it was immediately followed by Harold's Fairy Tale (1956), Harold's Trip to the Sky (1959), Harold at the North Pole (1958), Harold's Circus (1959), A Picture for Harold's Room (1960) and Harold's ABC (1963).

The neatness of these drawings is what attracts me most to this book. I love the way Mr Johnson managed to create many different worlds with lines, hardly any other colour other than purple.

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  1. Harold was my first inspiration to draw. I am living the Harold life, drawing the world as I see it. The purple crayon like Luke Skywalker's light sabre and Silver Surfer's board will get you there like nothing else will. No need for muscles or super forces, walk and draw. Thanks are in order.
    Arnold Johnson (rno the artist)