8 Aug 2012

PETER RABBIT TALES by Beatrix Potter

PETER RABBIT TALES by Beatrix Potter is a series of twenty-three tales
  1. Peter Rabbit, 
  2. Squirrel Nutkin, 
  3. Tailor of Gloucester, 
  4. Benjamin Bunny, 
  5. Two Bad Mice, 
  6. Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle, 
  7. Mr. Jeremy Fisher, 
  8. Tim Kitten, 
  9. Jemima Puddle-Duck, 
  10. Flopsy Bunnies, 
  11. Mrs. Tittlemouse, 
  12. Timmy Tiptoes, 
  13. Johnny Town-Mouse, 
  14. Mr. Tod, 
  15. Pigling Bland, 
  16. Samuel Whiskers, 
  17. The Pie and the Patty-Pan, 
  18. Ginger and Pickles, 
  19. Little Pig Robinson, 
  20. Fierce Bad Rabbit, 
  21. Miss Moppet, 
  22. Appley Dapply's Nursery Rhymes, 
  23. Cecily Parsley's Nursery Rhymes.
For more information on these tales a visit to this site is a must:


The film Miss Potter is a pleasant story about the relationship between Miss B. Potter and her editor Norman Warme.

This video is the one my children and I enjoyed (thanks to my dad):